DSS-5000 – Battery Diagnostic Service System

The DSS-5000 Battery Diagnostic Service System answers the challenges posed by contemporary and future vehicles. Including capabilities for new battery and system types, new business procedures and a generation of
service technicians familiar with app-based technology.

The DSS-5000 enables you to broaden your service expertise by providing the technology to handle the complex challenges of servicing current and future electrified vehicles.

Catégorie :
  • Flexible technology adaptable to future batteries and systems
  • Wireless communication supports end-to-end communication and complete battery management
  • Enhanced battery diagnostics deliver more decisive results, with fewer charge and retest decisions
  • Detachable tablet controller. Separate the controller and tester pod and perform a system test with great ease and share results on-screen with your customer
  • Stop-start batteries are supported in the DSS tests
  • Optional CVG VIN capture support