Network Service Assistant

Due to an increased reliance on network-connected technologies in the enterprise, IT departments now require a cable test tool that fills the gap between network qualification and certification categories without breaking the bank. This new category of test tool is being referred to as Qualification+. AEM’s new Network Service Assistant (NSA) is the first Qualification+ test tool on the market that provides enterprise IT departments with features that approach what professional cabling contractor certification tools can measure at a much lower price-point. Let’s learn more about AEM’s NSA tool from a high-level and why its Certi-Lite feature puts the “+” in Qualification+.

  • Certi-Lite
  • Fiber Optic Loopback and Voltage for Hybrid Powered Fiber
  • PoE Load Testing
  • Multi-gig Link Speed Testing
  • Network Connectivity Testing
  • Wi-Fi Testing
  • Industry’s Best Warranty