ROTALIGN touch is the first laser shaft alignment system on the market to combine high precision on-site measuring tasks and cloud connectivity for worldwide data access and transfer. It features the unique sensALIGN 7 laser and sensor heads offering a full range of everyday alignment routines up to expert degree alignment jobs – such as cardan shaft alignment or coupling alignment.

The single-laser technology enables unrivaled precision, even in harshest conditions and on highly demanding jobs. ROTALIGN touch was designed by some of the world’s leading alignment experts to solve problems in the easiest way possible. The intuitively guided user interface can be operated by almost anyone – users just need to follow the three steps for any laser shaft alignment procedure: dimension, measure, and result.

This device is made for maximum durability in extreme working conditions. It is IP65 waterproof and dust-proof, dirt, scratch and temperature resistant. It is also fully shock and impact tested.

ROTALIGN touch is the first laser shaft alignment tool fully designed to meet the requirements of industrial IoT with RFID, Wi-Fi, and cloud data transfer.

With the ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 software, work orders may be sent via the cloud to a mobile ROTALIGN touch unit anywhere in the world. Measurement results are sent back straight from the unit into the alignment software for monitoring and advanced reporting. Asset-specific work orders and RFID machine identification make it possible to track the alignment of individual assets over time (alignment trend), making alignment data a dynamic condition monitoring parameter for asset management and condition-based maintenance programs.

  • Adaptive Alignment capabilities
  • Single-laser technology sensALIGN 7 featuring intelliSWEEP, intelliPOINT, and intelliPASS
  • Active Situational Intelligence immediately adjusts to specific alignment challenges in real time
  • Multi-coupling shaft measurement and simultaneous Live Move for up to six couplings
  • In-situ Cardan shaft alignment
  • Vertical machine alignment with vertiSWEEP continuous measurement mode
  • Monitor thermal growth and pipe strain with Live Trend and Multi-coupling Live Trend
  • Soft foot diagnosis
  • Horizontal and vertical Move Simulator
  • Alignment Reliability Center 4.0 with cloud data transfer*
  • Mobile connectivity with integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and camera*

* optional features.