Solar Power Clamp – Power analysis tool for photovoltaic installations

The new Solar Power Clamp is a clamp meter capable of measuring AC and DC circuit power, in addition to true RMS voltage and current, resistance & continuity, diode check, capacitance, harmonic distortion and power factor. The Solar Power Clamp is especially designed for installers and technicians interested in power measurement and analysis on AC & DC systems and carrying out diagnostic checks.

  • High performance instrument for measuring AC and DC power
  • Includes MC4 test leads for DC power measurements (others available)
  • Power Factor measurement and harmonic analysis up to 25th harmonic for inverter performance analysis
  • Rugged, robust and handheld, with active backlight and inbuilt cable illuminating torch – ideal for use in confined and/or dark spaces.
  • Full clamp-on multimeter capabilities