The Megger MIT300 series features:
Digital or Analogue: The Megger MIT300, MIT310 and MIT320 all feature the popular Megger digital/analogue display. Large 20mm high characters provide very clear readout, combined with an analogue arc for the feel of an analogue instrument, with a true analogue response. The Megger MIT310A has a moving coil display for those who prefer a real moving needle. Black decals on a white background give high contrast, even in poor light conditions.

  • Designed to take the bashing that testers receive on site, the Megger MIT insulation testers are rubber armoured.
  • The rigid display cover folds right out of the way during testing and locks down to protect the display when it is finished.
    Simple to use:-
  • No buried functions mean it is obvious how to use the Megger MIT.
  • Colour coded ranges help test selection, reducing testing time and help with fault location.
  • A user guide in the lid provides all the basic information.
    Hands free use:–
  • It hangs comfortably around the neck for hands-free use because the instrument is carefully balanced.
  • Continuity and buzzer testing starts automatically on connection to the circuit
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Tough rubber armoured case
  • Self contained protective cover
  • Live circuit warning
  • Weatherproof to IP54
  • Intelligent Safety System for protection.
  • Result storage and downloading
  • Download software included
  • USB interface
  • Compatible with