CAD-5000 Bronze kit (Hiring available)

The CELLTRON Advantage delivers a user-friendly, customizable, and economical tool for testing battery conductance, voltage, and temperature measurement for a complete battery state-of-health analysis. With the capability to test Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) and Vented Lead Acid (VLA) batteries, the CELLTRON Advantage is capable of measuring battery voltage down to one (1) volt as well as measuring inter-cell and terminal connection resistance.

The conductance-based diagnostics provided by the CELLTRON Advantage delivers a highly accurate and reliable predictor of the
battery’s end of life. Testing is carried out in a matter of seconds simply by connecting the two test leads (either by clamp or probe) to the battery’s positive and negative posts. Includes integrated temperature measurement, a USB communication port, interchangeable light-up probe and clamp testing interfaces, and a rechargeable on-board battery pack with six to eight hours of service life.

The conductance-based testing approach requires minimal battery discharge allowing for more tests on a single battery without having to recharge. Firmware updates are programmed via USB drive in the field, with advanced module add-ons also available. Interchangeable test interfaces allow the tester to quickly change between a probe and a clamp for varying applications. Integrated lighted test interfaces allows the user to see battery post connections clearly in dark conditions. Integrated battery temperature measurement. Swappable on-board battery pack provides six to eight hours of rechargeable battery life per pack. Tests individual Lead-Acid or Nickel-Cadmium cells or Monoblocs (up to 16Volts) in any common configuration, approximately 10-6000Ah.