CELLGUARD™ Wired Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

The CELLGUARD™ wired battery monitoring system delivers economical, yet highly accurate and reliable remote health analysis of stationary batteries in applications with high electromagnetic noise. Utility personnel are provided with continuous 24/7 monitoring of key battery performance indicators to help enable proactive maintenance, ensure battery performance, and deliver uninterrupted uptime when it matters the most.

All key battery health indicators are tracked, displayed and communicated to provide visibility to any potential change in the performance characteristics and expectations of each battery within the critical power system.

One battery sensor module per battery is capable of monitoring internal resistance, voltage, and temperature, delivering a comprehensive battery state of health analysis.

One string sensor module per string, in conjunction with a string current transducer provides monitoring of the string voltage, current, and ambient temperature.

Battery sensor modules are hard-wired for uninterupted communication, perfect for applications where high electromagnetic noise is present.

Provides internal resistance testing and performance trending.

Battery level temperature monitoring will alert the user to thermal runaway.

The control module records critical performance elements including alarms and discharge events.

The battery sensor module draws just 3mA from the battery resulting in a negligible impact on the battery’s overall capacity.

Alarm parameters and thresholds are managed through the control module which also delivers real-time system data through the web-based CELLTRAQ
data management software.

  • Wired Communication
  • Internal Resistance Testing
  • Battery Asset Management
  • Solid Hardware