CADD-5000 TESTER – CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital Battery Tester

The CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital is a fast, user-friendly, premium handheld tester for measuring battery conductance, voltage, temperature and strap resistance in high-noise environments for a complete battery state-of-health analysis. With the capability to test Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Vented Lead Acid (VLA),
and Nickle Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries, the CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital can measure battery voltage down to one (1) volt as well as measure inter-cell and terminal connection resistance.

Included in the Kit

  • CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital
  • Belt loop
  • Battery pack
  • Universal charger
  • Backpack
  • Free 90-day UNITE™ trial
  • 1 meter USB cable

Highlights & Technology

The conductance-based diagnostics provided by the CELLTRON™ Advantage Digital delivers a highly accurate and reliable predictor of the battery’s end of life.

Built-in Wi-fi enables tester data to quickly and wirelessly be transmitted to and from the tester with no additional cards, cords, or hardware required.

The powerful dual-microprocessor architecture allows the tester to stand up to the high noise environments caused by UPS/battery systems and constant power supply switching (notorious for causing testers to fail).

Dual microprocessor signal filtering, integrated IR temperature measurement, built-in Wi-fi, USB communication port, interchangeable light-up probe and clamp testing interfaces, and a 16-hour rechargeable on-board battery pack.

Cleaner, more precise battery state-of-health measurements are achieved through new “Edge Rejection” technology which filters out anomalies that can corrupt battery signal readings at both the beginning and end of each sample signal.

A fast-acting protection relay responds in milliseconds when a signal input in excess of 25 volts is introduced through the testing probes, providing instant protection to both the device and the user.

The web-based UNITE™ software is a sophisticated database with advanced data visualization tools that accommodates Franklin’s portfolio of industrial IoT devices. It enables users to wirelessly pre-program site string details, export the details to the tester, and upload battery test for analysis and reporting.

Integrated lighted test interfaces allows the user to see battery post connections clearly in dark conditions.

Tests individual Lead-Acid or Nickel-Cadmium cells or Monoblocs (up to 16Volts) in
any common configuration, approximately 10-6000Ah.

  • Accurate Conductance Testing
  • High Noise Immunity
  • Wireless Communication
  • Digital Signal Filtering
  • Device & User Protection
  • Faster Testing Times