CELLGUARD™ Wireless Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

The CELLGUARD™ Wireless Battery Monitoring System (BMS) provides an accurate and reliable indication of battery state of health through monitoring and analysis of battery voltage, temperature, and conductance.

Get 24/7 remote access to the battery performance information you need to proactively maintain your stationary power systems and avoid costly downtime.
Conductance-based monitoring technology provides the most accurate, efficient, and non-invasive method possible for monitoring a battery’s state-of-health.
Installation cost and time are reduced with the system’s wireless communication capabilities which enable all hardware to communicate free of cabling.
Features solid noise immunity suitable for applications including power utilities, data centers, telecommunications systems, and DC systems with filtered AC electrical ripple.
Comprised of a Base Coordinator Unit (BCU) and single-battery sensor modules.
Provides both visual and digital battery state-of-health.
Capable of monitoring up to 16 battery strings, 300 max sensors per string, and 600 max sensors per BCU (irrespective of how they are divided by strings).
Built-in, highly intuitive CONVERGE™ web interface enables rapid, confident installation, remote system monitoring, alarm threshold configuration, rock-solid reporting (including granular discharge data gathering), and critical over-the-air software updates.
BCU communicates to CELLTRAQ™ Battery Management Software via TCIP/IP and supports MODBUS TCP/IP to integrate with building infrastructure.
BCU is powered by the battery string voltage converter via battery string power.



  • Wireless Communication
  • Advanced Hardware
  • Accurate Conductance Monitoring
  • Cutting-Edge Web Interface