CTS-655P – CELLTRON Genstart Battery Tester

The CELLTRON Genstart Battery Tester provides generator/fleet starting battery analysis to quickly identify the health of generator starting batteries. Assure that your battery is powered and ready to start a generator in the case of an outage.

Utilizes enhanced conductance technology that correlates the battery test output results to the selected engine start battery rating under test, executing a conductance test with the battery results matching the selected battery rating set by the user.
The handheld unit includes a large back-lit screen, hard keypad for easy gloved use, integrated thermal printer, integrated SD memory card reader, infrared temperature sensor, and quick connect 10′ clamps.
An easy and economical means to execute routine testing that meets NFPA-110 standards requiring routine battery testing for emergency and standby power.
Quickly test generator starting battery health and identify potential battery problems before they occur.
Compatible with multiple battery types including: Lead Acid, AGM Spiral, AGM Flat Plate, and Optima Redtop®.
Handles multiple battery rating systems including: CCA, EN, SAE, JIS, DIN and IEC.
Battery pack testing includes: 12V parallel, 24V series, 24V series/parallel.
Battery pair testing, verify the charge and conductive balance of a battery pair.

  • Nepa-110 Compliance
  • All-in-one Hardware
  • Accurate Conductance Testing
  • Simplified Testing