GRX-3000 – Battery Diagnostic Station

With the GRX Battery Diagnostic Station testing and charging your batteries becomes easier than ever before. The GRX can test an In Vehicle battery, minimize manual input by retrieving information about your battery/vehicle from a database.. and do a test in just a minute. The GRX-3000 is faster, more decisive and safe than similar products in the field, making it a great choice for those who care about proper battery management.

It’s all about getting the most reliable result. If the technician is uncomfortable sharing the result with the customer, we failed all together. For this we created an algorithm based on lab testing hundreds of batteries. Battery technologies differ significantly and need their specific algorithm. A simple compensation for every EFB doesn’t do the trick.

The closer you get to the battery OK versus NOT OK border, the more important a specific algorithm becomes. This is exactly what you buy this tool for: to give a reliable result where you would otherwise be unable to decide OK / NOT OK. That is why we, Midtronics, focus on accuracy and reliability.

  • Various diagnostic routine
  • No sparks
  • Reverse polarity indication
  • Dedicated charge curves for all battery technologies
  • Power supply for programming
  • Charge acceptance detection
  • Expansion capability with various modules
  • Field exchangeable cables of 1.90 m
  • Temperature sensors in both clamps
  • SD card for data storage and future updates
  • USB connection for future updates