MCC-070 – Controlled Charger

  • The MCC offers benefits that address the unique needs of any service application:
    Charges batteries – including new AGM & EFB models quickly and easily
  • Automatic and efficient charge recovery for deeply discharged batteries
  • Provides on demand current and constant clean voltage to the vehicle battery for the extended period of time
    required to update the vehicle computer software. Selectable voltage levels from 13.5 – 14.5 VDC (.1 VDC)
  • Clearly indicates charger status: charging, charge complete, charging error/fault
  • Quick charging at 14.5VDC /40A
  • Controlled charging: EFB 15.5 VDC / 70A and AGM 14.5 VDC / 40A

• Reverse polarity
• Clamp connection
• Non-12V battery connection
• Battery voltage too low (< 5.5 V)
• Clamp high temperature detection