GRX-5100 – EV / HEV Battery Service Tool

The GRX-5100 is a service and de-power tool for hybrid and electric vehicles. Depower, balance and charging.

Electrified vehicle architectures will play a dominant role in OEMs’ strategies for vehicle roadmaps and the future mobility market. An increasing number of new xEV models will be introduced by the OEMs over the next couple of years, including more hybrid (HEV), plugin hybrid (PHEV) and full electric platforms. The traditional internal combustion engine-only drivetrains will decline in volumes with this shift in OEM development resources.

This strategy means that servicing xEV vehicles at workshops will become more common. Workshops and dealerships will need the ability to service the new xEV architectures and batteries, including charging,
discharging and balancing. For example, discharging the High Voltage (HV) pack in the event an xEV vehicle is involved in a serious accident or crash.

Partnering with the OEM xEV teams, Midtronics xEV service solutions enable OEMs to perform service on HV packs/modules operated by certified workshop mechanics. Midtronics offers xEV platform solutions designed for pack level and module balancing use cases based on the research, development, and learnings from
our eight years of dealership xEV experience.

  • Balance Charge / Discharge (pack and module level)
  • Transportation Discharge (pack and module level)
  • Stock Maintenance (pack and module level)
  • Hev Rescue Charge
  • Emergency Discharge
  • 48v System Support
  • Voltage Range (0 – 384 VDC)
  • Charging Range (0 – 5.0 ADC)
  • Discharging Range (0 – 7.5 ADC)
  • Nominal Continuous Output Power (2000 W)
  • Input Voltage & Frequency Range (100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 HZ, designed for global use)
  • Exchangeable Output Cable To Fit Module / Pack
  • Programmable Target Voltage With 10mv Resolution
  • Programmable Maximum (Dis)Charge Current With 500ma Resolution
  • User Interface (3’’ display with alphanumeric keypad)
  • Wireless Software Update (update via USB)
  • Continuous Temp Monitoring
  • Battery Model Identification
  • Defect Cell Detection
  • Cell Voltage Monitoring (64 cells (with BCU-64 module)
  • Weight (24 kg / 53 lbs)
  • Dimensions (H*W*D) (33.1 * 73.6 * 43.2 C)