ChargeXpress PRO series – Vehicle battery specialty charger & power supply

Midtronics’ ChargeXpress PRO series is best described as a multi-tasking specialty charger and power supply
unit. It is specifically designed to maintain battery state-of-charge and state-of-health during vehicle service,
complex maintenance routines and for powering demonstrations.

Specialty Chargers

Midtronics ChargeXpress PRO series diff erentiate themselves from ordinary chargers by combining a battery
charge mode with charge acceptance and battery conditioning in the power supply mode. It provides a
clean, reliable power supply for charging and maintaining battery state-of-charge, which draws significant power from the vehicle battery. The portable and easy to place CX PRO is safe, fast and simple.

• Perform a wide range of vehicle battery charging & power supply related tasks with a single investment
• Maintain battery state-of-charge to avoid potential damage resulting from battery drain during vehicle
• Return battery in optimum condition to ensure customer mobility and increase customer satisfaction

  • Simple one button operation
  • No sparks
  • Reverse polarity indication
  • Dedicated charge curves
  • Power supply for programming
  • Charge acceptance detection
  • One or two outputs
  • Field exchangeable cables of 5m
  • Pulse (final charge) mode
  • Peak voltage protection
  • Volt sensing